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Kombivagn use of newborn baby and a long time to come, combi carriage consists of a part that can be adapted to both a fully folded down lying position and are adjusted to a stroller.

Combi wagon, you can have the baby is born until the child is approaching about three years. Many families like that there are both lying position and stroller in the stroller

Normally, it is time to pick out the lift and begin using his position from the time you notice that the child himself wants to sit up. This is usually when the child is between 6 and 8 months old. One advantage is the combination of the trolley seat is hinged so that you can let the child lie on a flat surface if it falls asleep. Small children will be safe to see her parents and then it is good if the stroller is facing back toward your parents. As the child gets older, it would be happy to sit in the direction to see what happens, therefore combi wagon an advantage because you can choose his part both ways.