Design Your Own Baby Plate

Design Your Own Baby Plate

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Designing your own pram plate

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Personalized license plate of the pram. Popular as christening and birthday gift. 

Choose from colors, flags, eumärke and symbols and create your own pram plate.

Note, if no flag is included so set the flag that you want in the comment box, we will fix it !!

NOTE: If you want a symbol lagmärke (eg AIK) to indicate this in the comment box and we will fix it !!!

Do you want 2 flags during the dates badge enter this in the comment box at checkout and give the two countries you want.

Registration plate is made of aluminum with reflective foil which gives a large, clear and original reflection. The plate fitted with chains (not supplied) and fit all stroller models.

Size: 25 x 7.5 cm.

Write on the "Message" when ordering any name

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